What Are commercial – UAVs

What Are commercial – UAVs

UAVs are being used for a number of civilian and commercial purposes, from photography and videography, survey and mapping, inspections, transport to network swarming where they work together to complete a task. This article discusses some of UAV’s current commercial applications and the risk that the growth of UAVs poses on the public.

Agriculture and Wildlife

UAVs can be used to monitor many aspects of agriculture. Apart from offering an aerial inspection of the crops, they can help in inspecting soil erosion and other parameters that are hard to observe from the ground. Japanese were the first people to have used this technology for agricultural purposes. There are many types of UAVs that are being used in the agriculture sector nowadays. In addition to agriculture, they can prove to be quite helpful in forestry too. They can take photos of the forests as well as the wildlife present in them to keep a steady record of the changes that take place in these places. Moreover, they can be used to assist in putting out forest fires that may erupt from neglected tree farms. Fire control can be a difficult process with humans working together, but it is a task that UAVs can handle quite easily.

Earth Sciences

Although various satellites are being used for studying different aspects of earth there are still many ground based scientists who need the use of UAVs. Some of them may even be students. They can be used for studying meteorology either in stereo or imagery form.Multi-letters’ observations can be made by using UAVs in the either ground or space Apart from this, they can be used for several other purposes such as monitoring radiation levels of a site, taking detailed images of a Site, monitoring thermal activities, monitoring the health of a site, measuring exhaust plume, monitoring and analyzing soil and ground water, monitoring and studying wildlife, and much more.

Security and Law Enforcement

The borders as well as internal security can be very well taken care of by UAVs. They can be used for the task of patrolling and monitoring the borders as well as internal security. In addition to this, they can be used for surveillance and surveillance of any place.

Commercial Sector

UAVs may replace manned vehicles for the commercial use. The reasons for this are mainly noiselessness andrix capability. The UAV is like a thermal camera which takes images in a low radiation area. The thermal imagers are equipped with special cameras. They are capable to capture images with such resolution as 512 x 480 pixels, which is lesser than the resolution of the human eye. Once the image is taken, the UAV can analyze the image and output the necessary information. It is easier to maintain and operate the UAVs because they are not attached to any vehicle. The images can be streamed for viewing in real-time. This is a new concept in the market.

unpacking and deploying UAVs for inspection purposes is a huge challenge. Even if one goes to an expert and carefully packs up all the necessary equipments, there is still a chance that the UAV may have some damage. So, it is important to use protective materials and to fly the UAVs only where they are not going to be attacked.

ready to fly UAVs

UAVs that are provided with with fully functional flight systems can be used for inspection purposes, surveillance, mapping, and target acquisition. The flight times of such UAVs depends on the configuration of the mission. Generally, a four hundred mile flight time is considered an average short range flight time for UAVs.

Further, such flight times are dependent on the configuration of the mission. The flight time is affected due to a number of factors such as:

  • The stability of the camera
  • The wind speed and direction
  • The vehicle speed

Listed below are some of the reasons why UAVs might fly over a certain area

  • The flight path is short or seems short
  • The wind is favorable
  • The cloudiness is favorable
  • The presence of cloud cover
  • Time of flight


cab with short waiting time

cab with long waiting time

rocket vs. mortar attack

XCOM invasion

Mehcometric display

RPG system


Noise considerably reduced

Colorization of the terrain

Effective analysis of video data

Game application

DVD player

Player with inbuilt Web browser

opened or closed doors

Setting up the flight

Routine tasks

Terrorist attack

Engineering task


HIPAA related tasks

satisfactorily completed;

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