Tips and tricks to choose the right skateboard wheels

Tips and tricks to choose the right skateboard wheels

When it comes to your choosing the right skateboard wheels, there may be lots of things to be considered in mind. The way your board rides and feels may be different due to the slightest change in wheel hardness or size. Hence, we created a full guide so as to help you to find the most suitable ones. Just keep on reading!

Different types of skateboard wheels

In fact, there are 3 main kinds of skateboard wheels that are used for different kinds of skating.

  • Street/park wheels (durometer 95-101a, diameter 50-60 mm)

Just like the name, these wheels are best for street and park skating thanks to their lightweight, fast roll and easy slide on smooth surfaces. Therefore, you can do power slides, flip tricks, ollies as well as many other technical tricks without difficulties. And this type of truck is our first suggestion to you.

  • Soft/cruiser wheels (durometer 78-90a, diameter 54-60 mm)

Soft or cruiser wheels are bigger than the aforementioned ones and can roll fast and fit to any surface. These wheels can handle steadily even on the rough pavement. Thus, they are often used for getting around your town.

  • Longboard wheels (durometer 75-85a, diameter 60-75 mm)

These kinds of wheels are designed to grip through corners and rough surfaces because they are soft and big enough to cruise, carve, slide or race downhill.

Skateboard wheels hardness (durometer)

Just so you know, the wheels of a skateboard are usually made from polyurethane and a durometer is used to measure their hardness. Normally, the range is between 75a and 104a. A soft wheel is between 78a and 90a range, the middle is between 90a and 98a and the hard one is over 99a.

If you want to skate on gaps, rails, ledges or manual pads, you should choose hard wheels. In case you want to longboard, cruise or just transport somewhere, soft wheels are the best options for you. And for beginners and riders on rough places, you should try medium durometer wheels.

Skateboard wheels sizes

Apart from skateboard wheels’ types and hardness, you should also consider the sizes. There are some crucial dimensions that can decide your choice.

  • Wheel diameter

For technical and street skating, the best option should be smaller wheels because their weight is light. Therefore, you can ride faster and can create responsive pop. Meanwhile, bigger wheels are ideal for rough surfaces due to their heavy weight. And we highly recommend you to use them for transportation and bowl skating.

  • Wheel profile

The wheel’s profile and shape can affect the weight, grip as well as the way the wheels lock to the grinds. A sharp edge will bring more grip to the wheel and help you to lock it into the grinds better without having to slip out. However, a more rounded one can help you to slide simply across the streets.

  • Wheel contact patch

The wheel contact is also another important part that touches the ground directly. This makes an impact on the amount of grip included in the wheel. Normally, riders opt for narrower wheels when it comes to their street-skating. It is because they are easier to slide and do the tricks. If you want to just transport or skate bowls, wider wheels may be better for you.

After reading our information, we believe that now you can know which kind of skateboard wheels are suitable for your board. If you have more questions, just leave a comment down below.

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