Electric Skateboards With The Best Range. 40+ Miles?

Many people look at two things when they try to figure out how well an electric skateboard works.

  • Speed is the first.
  • The second is range, or how far your board can go before it needs to be charged again.

But when it comes to speed, almost all good boards can go between 22 and 26 mph at their fastest. When you think about it, that’s not that much of a difference. Also, you don’t usually hit top speed unless you’re in a big open space.

On the other hand, there are many different sizes of boards, and you should think more about this before buying an expensive item like an electric skateboard…

I’ve seen expensive, well-made, and fast boards with only an 8-mile range.

If you’re going to spend a lot of money, at least buy a board that will last you a few trips and get you where you need to go!

How far can an electric skateboard usually go?

I’m not just going to tell you how far most electric skateboards can go—I’m going to show you!

Check out the list of the top 40 most popular electric skateboards and their ranges that I made here.

What did we find, then?

  • A typical electric skateboard can go 16.21 miles.
  • 14 miles is the middle point.
  • The range of the mode is 12 miles.

A 16 mile range is quite impressive. That’s how far it is from the Bronx Zoo to the very end of Manhattan.

To give you a better idea, you can go from San Francisco to Oakland (12 miles) and then another 4 miles, for a total of 16 miles per charge.

But I took the facts even further.

I used the percentiles to find the widest range of boards and what they could do.

  1. The best 5% of boards had a range of at least 31 miles.
  2. The best 10% of boards had a range of at least 25 miles.
  3. The range of the top 25% of boards was 19 miles or more.

So, what can be called an electric skateboard with a long range?

As someone who has used a lot of different electric skateboards, I’ve always thought that anything with a range of 20 miles or more was “elite.” And now the facts support it.

E-boards with a range of 19 miles or more can and should be considered long range because they are in the top 25% of the longest-ranged boards. If you want to buy a new long-range board soon, you now know what to look for and how to find it.

How long does it take to charge an electric skateboard?

Riding is fun, but you can’t ride if your board isn’t charged…

And just like any other battery-powered device, you’ll need to charge it. Electric skateboards charge the same way as any other device: you plug one end of the cable into an outlet and the other end into the battery port.

But the question that really matters is how long does it take?

I got you. I made another database with the top 40 most popular electric skateboards and how long it takes to charge them. You can check it out here.

Here are some important facts:

  • On average, it takes 2.975 hours to charge the battery of an electric skateboard.
  • The average time to charge is 3 hours.
  • The charging time for the mode is also 3 hours.
  • The Boosted Mini S took the least amount of time to charge (1.25 hours)
  • The Evolve Bamboo Hadean Models boards took the most time (Over 5 hours)

Funny enough, the Boosted Mini S has the shortest range of all the boards on this list. It can only go 7 miles. The Evolve Hadean models have some of the highest ranges on the list, with outputs of 40 miles or more.

It’s clear that battery size, recharge time, and range are all closely related.

Other information:

  • 90% of the time, it takes 5 hours to charge.
  • 75% of the time, it takes 3.5 hours to charge.
  • 50% of the time, it takes 3 hours to charge.
  • 25% of the time, it takes 2 hours to charge.

Whether or not charging time is important to you, keep in mind that boards with smaller batteries and less range can take less time to charge. Some boards have longer ranges and take less time to charge. Take the OneWheel XR+, which can travel 18 miles on a single charge. The standard charger takes 2 hours to fully charge the board. But if you buy a hypercharger, which costs $210 and is sold separately, you can fully charge the XR in less than an hour.

Is more range more expensive?

Electric skateboards are expensive.

It’s not unusual to find boards that cost more than $1,600 or even more. So you need to find the right board and price for you.

Of course, you’ll have to pay more if the quality and performance are better. And range isn’t any different.

Take the Evolve Hadean Bamboo Street. It can go up to 31 mph and has a range of 40 miles. With those specs, this bad boy will cost you $2,549. Yikes!

Balance between the board’s weight and its range

Long range is always a good thing, but how much does it change the weight and performance of your board as a whole?

You will need a bigger battery if you want to have a long range. Like with cars, a bigger gas tank means you can go farther. When it comes to electric skateboards, batteries that are bigger can hold and use more power.

But bigger batteries also mean that your board will take up more space and weigh more.

Most electric skateboards are between 15 and 20 pounds. But some of these long-range boards can weigh as much as 30 pounds or even more.

Take the Evolve Hadean Bamboo Street. Its 16AH, 691.2Wh battery gives it an amazing range of 40 miles.

But it costs something. The huge board weighs 27 pounds. If you try to carry that through New York City or up a flight of stairs, you’ll quickly realize that having super-powered range isn’t as fun as you thought it would be.

Will the range of my boards get worse over time?

Nothing lasts forever, and neither will the battery or range of your e-board. It’s important to remember that batteries wear out over time. This is because constant charging causes chemicals and acid to build up, which wears down the battery over time.

Have you ever taken a really old car battery out of your car and seen weird chemical and corrosive buildup? This damage can affect other parts of your car, and in our case, our electric skateboard.

In the end, this corrosion buildup and the battery’s age will definitely affect your board’s range and performance.

As your battery ages, you can expect its range to go down, but it will take a while. I wouldn’t even worry about it if your board is new or less than 3 years old.

But how many miles can I ride before my battery stops working for good?

Most boards can be charged 1,000 times before they need to be replaced.

I used that information to figure out how far you can ride these boards before you need to change the battery.

  • Average e-board: 16 mile range
  • Average e-board battery lasts 400 – 1,000 recharging cycles
  • 16 x 400 = 6,400 miles
  • 16 x 1,000 = 16,000 miles

That means the battery on your board will last you between 6,400 and 16,000 miles.

Even if your battery could only be charged 400 times, you’d still be able to drive from New York City to Los Angeles and BACK before you needed a new one. That’s a total of 5,600 miles.

At the top end of the range (1,000 recharges), you could drive almost the entire Pan-American Highway, from the tip of Chile to Alaska, before you would need a new battery. Do you think you could do that on your electric skateboard? That’s a lot of going places.

How does the rider’s weight affect the range of the board?

An RV trailer is too big for a Toyota Prius to pull. The same is true of a motorcycle.

The more your electric skateboard has to work for you, the bigger you are. And that will affect your range in the end.

In fact, most range and performance tests for electric skateboards are done with a rider who weighs 75 kg (165 lb), but some are done with riders who weigh as much as 200 lb. If you weigh 220lbs or more, don’t expect to get the same amount of range listed on the manufacturer’s website.

Tip: Make sure you’re not over the weight limit before you buy an electric skateboard.

Store time…

A few years ago, I bought a mini electric skateboard on Amazon for $150. It could go up to 12 mph and had a range of 8 miles. When it came, I saw that it was mostly made for kids and teenagers, not my 190-pound body. Even so, I tried the board, and boy was I let down. The board could only go about 5 mph at most (I could have walked faster). Since I was too heavy, whenever the board went up even a little bit, it would just stop. I found out the hard way and sent the board back to Amazon to get my money back. Before you buy an electric skateboard, make sure you know how much weight it can hold and what its specs are.

But even if your board has a weight limit of 350 pounds and you weigh 250 pounds, your range will be different from that of a 150-pound person.

It’s physics 101. Gravity pulls you down toward the earth more the heavier you are.

When you’re riding an electric skateboard, this causes more downforce, which in turn makes the wheels rub against the street more. You end up slowing down the board and making the motor and battery work harder. This then makes your top end range lower.

How does the range of an electric skateboard compare to that of an e-bike or an e-scooter?

Ferrari vs Lamborghini?

Coke vs Pepsi?

McDonalds vs Burger King?

Huge brands have been trying to come out on top and beat the competition for decades.

But there are TWO competitors when it comes to electric skateboards.

Electric bikes and scooters have also been pushing the limits.

Which one is best for riding? In the end, it will come down to what you like. This can only be decided by what you think and what you’ve done.

We can, however, compare the three in terms of how well they work. In this case, we’ll be looking at, you guessed it,… Range!

  • We already know that an electric skateboard’s average speed range is 16 mph (within our sample size).
  • Most electric bikes can go at least 20 miles, and some can go as far as 80 miles.
    • Electric bikes are way better than electric skateboards in this case. And it makes sense. Bikes are bigger pieces of equipment that are, in the end, more useful.
  • On the other hand, electric scooters are a lot like e-boards, and most of them can go between 10 and 40 miles.
    • This is too close to call, so I’m going to say that it’s a tie. If you only care about range, you should get an e-bike.

The 5 Best Long Range Electric Skateboards

We looked at a lot of different models, but only a few stood out for their great range.

What were those boards?

  • •Evolve Carbon GTR – 31 mile range
  • •Evolve Bamboo GTR – 31 mile range
  • •Meepo Classic 2 – 25 mile range
  • •WowGo All Terrain – 22 mile range
  • •Enertion Raptor 2 – 22 mile range

Talk about a long way! Some of these boards have so much juice that you could ride them from Oakland to San Francisco and back.

Evolve Carbon GTR/Bamboo GTR

The best, the most important, or the biggest. In the world of electric skateboards, Evolve is the best.

Both of their top cars, the Carbon GTR and the Bamboo GTR, have an amazing range of 31 miles! Take a second to think about how far that is before you do anything else.

How far from your house could you go right now if you went 31 miles?

On the Carbon or Bamboo GTR, I could go through six towns in the area where I live in just 31 miles. That’s a long way away.

These babies don’t need to be charged too often!

The best part is that they can go as fast as 26 mph. Yes, Evolve is what it says it is. If you need range, Evolve is your best bet.

Just bring your wallet, because the Bamboo GTR costs $1,899 and the Carbon GTR costs $1,999.

Meepo Classic 2

Meepo has always been one of my favorite companies, and I’ve been talking about it for a long time.

The Classic 2 not only has a great range, but it’s also very fast and very cheap (some of their boards sell for less than $400).

With a range of 25 miles, the Classic 2 is a beast of a machine.

It can go as fast as 25 mph, which is great. It also won’t cost you nearly as much as the big brands, since it only costs $599.

I’d say that was money well spent for 25 miles! Meepo is worth a look, for sure.

WowGo All-Terrain

Like Meepo, WowGo sells cheap boards that don’t give anything up in terms of performance.

Same goes for the WowGo All-Terrain model.

Not only does it look cool, but it can also go 22 miles without needing to be charged. On WowGo’s website, it costs $899 right now.

But the best thing about this board is that you can ride it just about anywhere. (Hint: See the name!)

Because the wheels are too big, you’ll be able to roll over everything.

Enertion Raptor 2

Extreme speed, range, and torque all work together to make a great combination.

Even though not many people know about the Raptor, it can go 22 miles. It also has handles to make it easy to carry and a kicktail to get that bad boy off the ground.

You could have it for about $1,600.

Expensive, but worth every penny!

Why Does Range Matter?

It’s important because you don’t want to be stuck with a heavy board that isn’t charged.

Yes, a longer range does mean that you can go further.

But it’s also important to remember that a longer range means you don’t have to charge as much.

It’s always better to have a lot of options than a few. It’s like having a gun for self-defense: it’s better to have one and not need it than to not have one and need it.

I have to say that because you move so fast on an electric skateboard, the distance you go seems a lot shorter. What seems like a one-mile ride might have been two miles or more. It’s easy to become obsessed with how far you’re going!

What Does A Good Range Mean?

A good electric skateboard’s range is 11 miles or more and up.

Now, a lot of you might disagree, and to be honest, it really depends on where you live.

If you live in a city where everything is close together, 7-8 is probably fine. If you live in the suburbs, 10 miles or more should be enough. And if you live in the country, chances are you don’t even have an electric skateboard (lol).

Do boards with a long range cost more?

Without a doubt, yes.

A bigger battery can give you a longer range. Batteries aren’t cheap either…

In fact, if you look at any electric skateboard, the battery will cost about 1/3 of the price of the board.

Why should I get a long-range board?

Some people just need to be able to do more.

If you ride your board to work every day, you need a long range. You do your work and depend on your board. You need it to be there.

Bigger range means a stronger battery. And a better battery means that it will work better for longer.

If you buy a long range board, you’ll be able to ride better and do more.


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