What do tweeters do for car audio?

Tweeters‘ main job is to boost the sound and improve its quality. Tweeters improve the sound quality of loud music by letting high notes come through. Since speakers can’t make high nodes, tweeters are the best way to make them.

To put it more simply, tweeters like the Rockford Fosgate Prime R1T-S deliver the best quality music, which makes driving fun. So, yes, you will need tweeters in your car if you want better sound.

This article explains what tweeters are, what they do, and how to put them in your car.

Who are these people?

Tweeters are a type of loudspeaker that is made to play high-frequency sounds between 2000 and 20,000 Hz. Even if these sounds are too loud for humans to hear, they are not too loud for us to feel through vibrations.

Tweeters do a lot of the same things that woofers do. But woofers are much bigger than tweeters and make low-frequency sounds like bass.

When making a tweeter, many things are taken into account to get the best sound quality and spread for the least amount of money.

Tweeters can be made out of many different things. These materials make sure that the tweeters are light but still strong enough to keep their shape when the volume is high. If there is a lot of movement and vibration, the shape may change.

So, if you know what these tweeter materials are like, you’ll be able to make a better choice about what kind of tweeters you need for your car speakers.

How do tweeters function?

  • The electrical signal is made by the amplifier in the speaker system.
  • After that, both the positive and negative wiring connections send the signal to a tweeter speaker.
  • When these connections touch the voice coil, the electromagnetic reaction makes a magnetic field.
  • The voice coil is placed in the gap between the magnets.
  • The parts of the tweeter that make up the coil and dome move very quickly forward and backward by making an electromagnetic field. They move quickly through the air around them, which makes waves that we can hear.

Do I need tweeters in my car?

Yes! Because tweeters are the best thing about a car stereo.

This is due to:

  • Tweeters are used to make sounds with higher frequencies that you can hear and feel in the music. The name for this high-pitched sound is “treble.” Treble is the sound made by guitars, vocals, synthesized keyboards, cymbals, drum effects, and horns. Any other kind of speaker can’t make this sound.
  • They are used to make 3D pictures. Stereo imaging is the way that music lets you know where the instruments were when they were being recorded. This means that when you listen to music through a speaker with a tweeter, you might be able to tell if an instrument was on the left, right, or in the middle when it was recorded.

Tweeters can make an image by playing back a wide range of sounds at different frequencies. They let the listener’s brain figure out where in a speaker the sound is coming from.

Stereo imaging is important because it lets you know how the artists want their music to be heard.

The sounds in music cover almost all of the range of frequencies that the human ear can hear. You could figure out what you hear and where it comes from if you heard the different tones and signals.

  • They are used to set up and separate sounds in stereo. Tweeters make it sound like the music is coming from all around you instead of just where the speakers are. This is called “surround sound.”
  • They make things less noisy. Damping is the ability to stop moving quickly when the sound from the speakers stops, a song ends, or the volume goes down. This is a very important part of making accurate sound.
  • Tweeters help keep the car from getting too humid. They make a great sound when they are mounted close to the shoulders. They are light, so you don’t need to use more force to move them. This makes them a great choice for car stereos and speakers with low power.

Car tweeters shapes

Most of the time, car tweeters can be any size. It depends on how the tweeters are put together.

How something is built depends on what it is used for. Because of this, tweeters come in different sizes based on their style and function.

The tweeters that are in the doors of cars are very good. They both make noise that travels through the car. They are also easy to fix and change.

Tweeters are the smallest of the car’s speakers. Their sizes range from a few inches to a few inches in diameter and from a few inches to four inches.

But the sound quality doesn’t change based on how big the tweeter is.

Car tweeters also come in different sizes because of their different shapes and styles. Some birds sing at the same time. Some, on the other hand, only come in one shape and a few quadrants, depending on their style and purpose.

Tweeter designs

There are many different types of tweeters on the market today. Even though all of them are made to play high frequencies, the materials they are made of are different.

These are the most common types of tweeters for car audio:

1.Dome tweeters

They are the most popular type. Dome tweeters have a dome with a suspension and an aluminum wire wrapped around the edge of the dome.

The part of the tweeter that moves is mounted on a plastic frame and held in place by a ring magnet.

Most of the time, a faceplate is put on top of the dome tweeter to control where the sound goes.

There are different types of driver materials for dome tweeters.

Titanium, plastic, aluminum, beryllium, doped fabric, treated fabric, silk, and composite materials are among the most popular.

There are two kinds of dome tweeters: those with a soft dome and those with a metal dome.

Soft-dome tweeters

are fabric or silk used to make the dome tweeters?


  • They are very quiet and don’t sound like metal at all.
  • They have a more even frequency than metal dome tweeters.
  • They have a lower resonance frequency, more headroom, which means they can handle high sound pressure, and can handle a lot of power.


  • They are very soft and not very strong.

metal dome tweeters

on the other hand, are made of metals such as titanium, beryllium, and aluminum. The alloys of these materials can also be used to make them.


  • They don’t crack as easily as soft dome tweeters.
  • They don’t bend as much as soft dome tweeters.


  • They usually make noise.

Still, because there is no perfect material between the two, the design process is all about balancing all the important factors without giving up anything important.

2.Inverted dome tweeters

This kind doesn’t stick out from the voice coil of the tweeter. But it is upside down and has a hole in the middle.

Like a cone, this design improves the tweeter’s sound pattern and efficiency while giving you better control.

3.Semi-dome tweeters

These have a dome built into the cone shape.

The way they are made lets the tweeter be smaller. Coaxial speakers often use semi-dome tweeters because of this.

Because they are small, the manufacturer can add them to coaxial speakers without making the speakers much bigger overall.

They are also cheap for the manufacturer, which makes them a great choice for making cheap speakers.

4.Cone tweeters

They have the same shape as other sub-woofers.

They are small, round, and not very heavy.

Most of the time, paper cones are used to make them. So, most of them are called “paper cone tweeters.”


  • They make clear highs.
  • They cost little to design and make.


  • They can be damaged by moisture.
  • When pushed very hard, they are likely to pop and tear.
  • They are used less by people who speak English today.

5.Super tweeters

This is a special kind of tweeter made to extend the high-frequency response of regular tweeters in a coaxial speaker.


  • They play the highest frequency that normal tweeters can’t.
  • They make the sound system sound fuller and more detailed.
  • They are the best way for high-fidelity systems to make high sounds.

6.Horn tweeters

These are any of the tweeters listed above that are mounted in a horn.


  • Make it easier to point high-frequency sounds in the right direction.


  • Are difficult to design

Materials used to make tweeters

The materials used to make tweeters affect how they sound and how long they last. Soft materials like poly and textile are used to make sounds that are smoother and more refined. Synthetic materials like Mylar and PET are light and often need less power to work.

The hard materials ceramic, graphite, and metal are used to make other tweeters. Even when the volume is turned all the way up, the sound is stronger and brighter.

Where in your car do you put the tweeters?

Most of the time, a pair of tweeters is put in the back.

Quadrant-shaped tweeters are often put in each of a car’s four doors so that sound can be spread evenly throughout the car.

Putting tweeters in the doors of a car improves the sound quality, raises the sound stage, and improves stereo imaging.

Also, single tweeters are usually put in the front of the car and, most of the time, between the speakers in the back.

How do you put tweeters in your car?

There are four common ways to mount a tweeter.

1.Fixing to the surface

The tweeter is held in place on the mounting space by a cup that is screwed to a surface.

If you want to keep your car’s interior or don’t have enough depth for flush mounting, you might want to think about surface mounting.

The only bad thing about this method is that it will make your installation stand out.

2.Flush installation

In this method, a hole is cut in the dashboard or door to make room for the tweeter.

The good thing about this method is that the tweeter looks nice and smooth because it is held flush with the inside panel.

3.Angle mounting

Manufacturers now make angle mounts that allow users to slightly change the tweeter’s broadcasting angle, even if the tweeters are already installed in the panel.

4.Bottle bottom

Here, the tweeters are usually put in under a grille that is already there. So, you won’t have to drill any new holes.

Where do you place the tweeters?

  • Dash edges

If your car already has tweeters built into the dash, the bottom mount will work best.

You won’t have to make new holes, but you might need a bracket to hold the new tweeter in place.

  • Sail panel

This part is in the top corner of the window on your door.

Some cars come with tweeters already put in by the factory.

If your car came with tweeters from the factory, the easiest way to mount them is on the bottom. If not, think about mounting flush.

  • The “A” Pillar

This is the almost vertical support that goes between the front windshield and the front door.

This is the best place on the surface to mount your tweeters.

  • Upper door

To do this, a big hole has to be drilled in the door panel to fit the new tweeter.

You should only put your tweeters in this spot if your car doesn’t have factory tweeters or if the factory tweeters are too close together to work.

No matter how you decide to mount your tweeters, it’s important to know that manufacturers recommend fixing them within 12 inches of the speakers.

If you don’t, the sound frequencies from the woofers and tweeters might reach your ears at different times. This is called acoustic phase cancellation or wave interference.

How to install tweeters?


  • Disconnect the negative (-) terminal from your car’s battery to turn off the power at the source. This will help keep your car’s electrical parts from being harmed by a short circuit or other damage.
  • Find out how to reach the speakers and tweeters. Even though every car is different, it’s easy to get to your speakers. So, find where the speakers and tweeters are mounted and take them out. For instance, if you want to put component speakers on the doors of your car, you will probably have to remove the panel.
  • Get rid of the old things. Once you have access, disconnect all the wires and get a screwdriver. Speakers and tweeters are usually held in place by screws. So, use a Phillips-head driver to take out the screws that are holding them in place.
  • Bring in crossovers. Connect the power output wire from your receiver or an external amplifier to the crossover. This is the same as taking out your old speakers and tweeters. Connect the input of the crossover cable to the main power source. Make sure that the (+) and (-) wires are connected correctly.
  • From the crossover, connect the high-frequency wire to the tweeter and the low-frequency wire to the woofers.
  • Re-mounting.

After you’ve done all of those things, put the speakers and tweeters back where they belong, making sure each one is securely in place.

Still, you may need to cut holes in the edge of the dashboard or the door panel to fit the new tweeters.

Also, make sure that the current speaker wiring can be reached from the mounting space.

You probably bought mounting brackets for the speakers so that they would fit in their old enclosures.

What does a tweeter cost?

Tweeters cost a reasonable amount of money.

They are easy to find in the best stores for electronics, auto parts, and online.

The cost is between a few dollars, and they are also easy to set up.

How to decide which tweeters are best for your car?

Because there aren’t many of them, tweeters are often used with woofers and other parts like passive crossovers and subwoofers to make deep bass.

If you want the best music, you need to find the best tweeters to replace the ones that came with your car.

So, you should think about:

  • Make sure you first measure the size of the speakers you already have. This will make it easier to choose.
  • Make sure you know what kind of speakers your car can take. Many new cars have coaxial speakers, which have two or three drivers to make both woofer and tweeter sounds from a single speaker unit. On the other hand, some cars may have separate tweeters and woofers in different speakers.
  • Lastly, find out how many watts your speakers have. Only the ones with the right amount of wattage will work in your car.


In the long run, the answer to the question of whether your car needs tweeters is yes. Yes, you need tweeters in your car because they have so many great features.

So, I suggest that you get the best tweeters possible, which will make your drive amazing and fun.

Tweeters play the best music because they play it at the best frequency and make it loud.


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