Humate soil conditioner for lawns

Organic Soil Treatment

Humate is a great organic way to treat soil and get more microorganisms to live in it. One application of humate soil conditioner is about the same as spreading a half-inch layer of high-quality organic compost over the lawn. Humate is one of the best lawn and tree care products from Organo-Lawn because it builds the soil and is easier and less expensive to use than an organic compost top dressing.
For lawns with a lot of clay in the soil, you have to use Humate Soil Conditioner once or twice a year. Many of our lawn care customers in the Boulder and Fort Collins areas have found that putting this organic soil conditioner on their lawns once a year has made a big difference in how healthy the soil is.

What is Humate for Lawns?

Humate Soil Conditioner is made from organic matter that has been in the ground for a million years. It has a good effect on the physical, chemical, and biological processes of the soil, which makes the soil more fertile and increases the activity of microorganisms. Humate is made up of Humic Acid and Fulvic Acid, which have been shown to build up organic matter in soils and increase the activity of good microorganisms. Humate is a key part of building a living soil. Basically, humate is organic matter that is a million years old and looks a lot like coal. It is also full of organic compounds that will build up organic matter in soils.
If the lawn is watered deeply and infrequently and is taken care of by Organo-full-season Lawn’s lawn care program, an application of humate soil conditioner will make the lawn look deep green and lush. Humate, unlike lawn fertilizers, won’t make the grass grow faster. Humate will make the grass dark green without making it grow. This is because humate helps release good nutrients from the soil that the grass would not be able to get otherwise. Humate is a chelating agent that does a great job of getting nutrients like nitrogen, iron, potassium, etc. out of the soil that would otherwise be stuck there. The soil often has a lot of these nutrients, but plants can’t use them until a product like humate is added.

Benefits of Humate Soil Conditioner

Simple Benefits of Humate Soil Conditioner:

Humate lowers the amount of clay and compactness in soils.
Humate makes soils full of healthy organic matter.
Humate makes it easier for water to get into clay soils.
Humate makes the soil in a lawn better at holding water.
Humate keeps soils from losing water as quickly.
Humate makes good bacteria in the soil work harder.
Humate makes it more likely that grass seeds will grow.
Humate is a very successful organic soil treatment for lawns in Colorado. It works best on clay soils. People know that the soils around Boulder and Fort Collins are mostly clay and don’t have much organic matter.

Complex Benefits of Humate Soil Conditioner:

Stabilizes soil conditions.
Encourages the movement of microelements to the roots of grass and trees.
Iron, magnesium, zinc, copper, and many other nutrients are all helped by chelation.
Sequesters Na+ from the soil, which makes it less salty.
Stabilizes soil PH

Use Humate to increase the number of seeds that grow from a top seeding package.
If a lawn’s soil is made up of a lot of clay, like most lawns in Colorado, use Humate.
If your lawn has Necrotic Ring Spot lawn fungus, you should always use humate.
If your lawn has Ascochyta Leaf Blight or Dollar spot lawn fungus, you might want to use Humate.
If your lawn is stressed by heat or drought, use humate and water it deeply.
When you move trees, we strongly suggest that you use Humate.
If the soil in your lawn is “dead” and needs to be brought back to life, you should always use Humate more than once.

If a homeowner wants their lawn to look its best, they should use Humate.

Humate Soil Conditioner will help soils build up their amount of organic matter.
Any time of year, humate can be put on a lawn. We suggest that you use humate soil conditioner at least once per season. It will help break up Colorado’s clay soils.

When Should Humate Be Applied to a Lawn?

Uses for Humate Soil Conditioner for Lawns
A lawn in the Boulder or Fort Collins area can have humate added to the soil at any time of the year.
We usually put humate on lawns at the end of May or the beginning of June (prior to the summer heat).
Humate has been shown to help seeds grow when they are planted in a lawn.
When a lawn has a disease, humate has been shown to help it get better faster.
After the soil has been aerated, the humate will go deeper into the soil and stimulate microbial activity at a deeper level.

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