How to make a cheap electric skateboard for $35?

One of the best ways to get around is on an electric skateboard. It is the same as a regular skateboard, except that you don’t have to push it forward by hand. Instead, a motor built into the board moves it forward. Usually, the speed of a skateboard is controlled by a hand-held remote, or the rider shifts his weight between the front and back of the board to speed up or slow down.

There is no doubt that electric skateboards are expensive. The price of the board is based on how well the parts are made. But that doesn’t mean that people on a tight budget have no choice. Many cheap e-skateboards of good quality are on the market, but they cost more than $100. So, the best option for skaters on a budget is to build one. It saves you money and lets you change the way the skateboard looks, how it works, and how far it can go.

This guide will teach you how to make an electric skateboard for $35. Sounds interesting; let’s get into it.


Making a Cheap Electric Skateboard

Before you do anything, you need to know what an e-board is made of and what you’ll need to make your first electric skateboard.

Deck, trucks, wheels, bearings, grip tape, nuts, and bolts are the main parts of an e-skateboard. The mechanical part is the motor, and the electronic parts are the battery, electronic speed controller (ESC), and remote control.


Basic Components


First, you have to build a deck. It is the first part of the skateboard and the most important one. You can’t stand up and ride your board without it. The decks of longboards are better than the decks of skateboards because they are more stable. But it’s up to you to choose the size of the deck. Plastic is the cheapest material for a deck, but plywood can also be used.

Six to nine layers of plywood are needed to make a deck. How many layers of plywood you need for a deck will depend on how much you weigh. Your shoe size will tell you how wide the deck is, and your body size will tell you how long the board is.


Put glue on the back of each piece of wood. Make sure that all of the wooden plies are put together in the right way. The face sheet will be the best part of the wood. Spread the glue out evenly to make sure all the layers stick together well. Now is the time to shape, press, and vacuum the plywood sheets into the shape you want. You can use either a Styrofoam or a wooden mold. This mold determines the nose and tail of the board, as well as its concave. The better it will be, the longer you keep the layers of wood in the mold.


Once you have your piece of pressed wood, draw an old skateboard on it. Getting the shape of the deck right is very important for cutting boards right. So, you have to be careful when you draw the design on the wood. Now, use a jigsaw to cut your board into the shape you need, and then round and smooth the edges.



The wheels stay in place because of the trucks. They move a person’s weight from the deck to the wheels and bearings. Also, they let you turn your skateboard.


To connect to the deck of your e-board, you will need two trucks. For this, you need a drill machine to make holes in the board the right way. If you bring an old board with you, you can use it to mark where the holes for your trucks should be drilled. To put the trucks on your skateboard, you will need to drill eight holes. The trucks should be put on each end in the middle.


There are a lot of cheap trucks on the market, and they are also of good quality.



After putting the trucks back on your deck, you can put the wheels on. Longboards have bigger wheels than skateboards, which have smaller wheels. The size of your wheels will depend on the size of your deck. So, you should always buy wheels after you’ve made the deck. Also, when you buy them, check how hard they are.


Now that you have the wheels, it’s time to put them on. For the wheels to be put on, you will need wheel bearings, nuts, bolts, and washers. Make sure you have a skate tool to tighten the axle nuts that hold your wheels in place.


If you want to make an electric skateboard for $35, you’ll need to buy cheaper wheels. You can find cheap skateboard wheels that will last for six months on the market.


Grip Tape

You now have a skateboard deck with wheels and trucks on it. So, it’s easy to put grip tape, which helps you keep your footing, on your deck.


Mechanical and electronic parts of a skateboard


The motor is the part of an electric skateboard that makes it work. It helps you steer and control the skateboard. Choosing the right motor is very important, but it can be hard to figure out what to get because there are so many sizes and brands. Most electric skateboards use one of two types of motors. The belt-driven motor is one, and the hub motor is the other.


You can put the motor of your e-board either inside the wheels or next to the axle. Hub motors are put right into the wheels of skateboards. Since there is no belt in these motors, they make less noise than motors with belts. They are faster, lighter, and require less maintenance, but they hold more heat and are less resistant to water.


On the other hand, belt motors are attached to the trucks with a bracket that is outside of the truck. There is a rubber belt that links the gears on the motor shaft to the running wheel. With a belt-driven motor, you can use more wheels, get more torque, and get rid of heat better, but it is louder and needs more maintenance.


Since a hub motor is less expensive than a belt motor, you should use it to make a cheap electric skateboard.



In order for the motor on an electric skateboard to work, it needs a battery. It is also one of the most important parts of an e-board because it affects how long your skateboard takes to charge, how fast it goes, and how far it can go. You can put your battery pack inside an enclosure under the deck.

Most electric skateboards use one of two types of batteries. One is made of lithium-ion, and the other is made of lithium polymer.


Lithium polymer battery is cheaper than lithium-ion battery, so you should choose LiPo batteries for your skateboard.

The power of a battery pack can be increased by adding as many cells as you want, but you must choose the electronic speed controller (ESC) based on the power of your battery.


Before you buy a battery, you need to think about its voltage, capacity, and rate of discharge. Also, you need to think about whether the batteries are connected in series or in parallel.

There are 6 cells in series and 4 cells in parallel in a 6S4P battery pack. This battery pack will help you reach speeds of 15 to 20 mph and a range of 15 to 20 miles. People who don’t want a fast skateboard and don’t need a longer range will love this speed and range. Also, it will be cheaper than buying a 10S4P battery pack and a 12S4P battery pack separately.

When you put more cells in series, you get more speed and power. When you put more cells in parallel, you get a longer range.


ESC (Electronic Speed Controller)

People say that this type of controller is the brain of an e-board. It lets you control your ride by telling the motor how hard to push or brake. It is run by a remote control system that lets you control your ride.

The motor, the battery, and the Bluetooth receiver are all hooked up to an electronic speed controller. A Bluetooth receiver sends data to the electronic speed controller, which tells the battery how much power to send to the motor to start the ride.


Building a case for your skateboard’s electronics is a must if you want to keep them safe. It needs to go under the deck. The electronic speed controller, the battery, and the motor are all sensitive parts that need to be kept away from dust and water.


Make sure you choose the right material for an enclosure before you build it or buy one. Metal enclosures are best because they are strong and protect the electronic parts of the skateboard well. Also, the enclosure needs to be big enough to hold the battery, ESC, and motor.

Last Thoughts

It’s easy to make a cheap electric skateboard, but you need to be patient and know how each part works. Also, if you want to make a cheap e-board, you need to know where to get cheap parts.


Your old skateboard will help you a lot as you build your electric skateboard. So, if you don’t have an old board, ask one of your friends to lend you one. This will make building a lot easier.


Also, it’s important to choose the right electronic parts because they are the foundation of your electric board.

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